In a Battle of Platforms There Can Only Be One

One of the worst mistakes a beginner can make is to spend hours and days even building a website only to discover that you have to start all over from the beginning because you built it on the wrong website building platform. Calm down, this can be one of those times you may want to start looking into a website consultant. Either one to help move to Wix, or choose between WordPress consultants in order to capitalize on a massive platform migration for your site. So which to choose when considering WordPress vs. Wix.

When comparing Wix vs WordPress, you will find that both are pretty good website builders. But the differences that separate the two are considerably important to understand before you start the process of working with them. There are advantages as well as disadvantages that will stand out when sizing WordPress vs. Wix, all of which will be compared here.

1. Powerful Flexibility- Winner: WordPress

The codes that construct and operate WordPress are available to any and everyone for their use or modification, which makes WordPress an open source platform. This empowers programmers and coders to utilize were present order to develop their own themes or plugins that will be made available to others at no charge or for a small fee.

For this exact reason, the WordPress community has been able to expand to excess of 60 million websites as of 2012, with a 23% market share of Internet websites as of 2015. As the number of people and businesses that build websites increase, it’s expected that WordPress will continue to further expand. Currently, there are more than 44,000 WordPress plugins, all of which have been downloaded more than 1.2 billion times. That gives you a clear picture of how expansive the WordPress community truly is.

2. WP Plugins Allow For Extensive Customization

But even though most people, when comparing Wix vs WordPress, prefer WordPress, the extensive size of WordPress does present a consideration to take note of.

It’s easy to understand that anybody with a small amount of knowledge in coding could adequately construct a theme or plugin to be used on WordPress, but the reality of that means you need to understand coding- or at least how to modify them. If you are comfortable with learning or have access to a professional who can help you, then you will be able to create outstanding websites. But if you are unfamiliar with coding, you could potentially make a mistake that could slow your website down, cause it to crash frequently and even ruin your website to the point that it is no longer any good to you.

WordPress’s competitor, Wix, is not constructed as an open source platform. That means that individuals outside of the company’s private development team will not be able to access the codes and modify them. It also prevents people from developing website building tools in order to contribute to the community. Instead, Wix creates their own tools that are integrated into the website builder platform for use.

3. WordPress Struggles at the “Ease of Use” Level

Never let anybody tell you that when it comes to Wix vs WordPress, WordPress does not have a steep learning curve, because it is definitely steeper than Wix. Most people choose WordPress because of its flexibility, and a few gravitate towards Wix because of its simplicity. If you happen to be educated in coding or website development, then you will find that you have infinite opportunities with WordPress they are just not available with Wix.

On the other side, the simplicity that Wix offers severely restricts your design capabilities and limits the amount of creativity you can apply to your overall layout. Yes, when comparing WordPress vs. Wix, you will see that it will be much quicker and easier for you to learn how to use and manipulate Wix, but you will have much slimmer options of what could potentially be created. We call this a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) website builder. You can easily drag and drop tax, images, and other features into the builder while manipulating how they will look when the site goes live- but there are severe limitations on the extent of the manipulation.

When comparing Wix vs WordPress, WordPress does not have the drag and drop feature that makes designing simple because, in many cases, you have to edit the code directly, but because of the extensive library of information made available by WordPress and their helpful community, you will always be able to find instructions and tutorials to guide you along the way.

4. Hands down Award Winning User Support by WordPress

The WordPress community is enormous – gigantic in fact. That makes this expansive database of constantly growing knowledge a source of go-to information on steroids, especially if you try to disseminate all of the concepts explained in detail—there’s just so much there. So not only is there too much information to digest in a short time, it can be difficult narrowing down your search to the important topics because everything looks important.

You can remedy this issue and save yourself a lot of time by hiring an experienced and knowledgeable WordPress developer to set up, configure and modify your website. But understand, while this option reduces your time commitments, it increases your financial ones because it can be quite expensive to pay for these services when comparing WordPress vs. Wix.

When dealing with Wix, the company has their own in-house, customer support team, dedicated to helping their customers with technical issues. They offer email and phone support, so you are not forced to do this all by yourself, but their assistance is limited to aspects concerning the platform, and the staff are not professionals- just call center employees.

WordPress vs. Wix in a Nutshell

All in all, comparing WordPress vs. Wix, WordPress is a more expensive option, but it also an infinite library of tools that can be used solely on the WordPress platform. Wix, on the other hand, is a straightforward approach centered on simplicity that offers dedicated support in case you are having a hard time or experiencing technical issues.

The most significant differentiations between Wix vs WordPress that will draw you towards one or the other will vary based on your goal and your capabilities. While it is not a necessity, it is very helpful if you know coding, or are a developer, if you choose WordPress. That makes it the perfect platform for those who are looking for a personalized, functional and highly detailed website. Wix is a very justifiable option for those who want a basic looking website- and nothing more- due to its’ simplicity. In either case, when comparing WordPress vs. Wix, the result is your own website, which opens the doors for many various things, but could be good or great- depending on whether you choose WordPress or not.