Reston Tech Wiz serves its clients with WordPress, online marketing consulting and mobile app related services/products.  We are able to take client requirements/needs and create elegant development solutions.

We strive to take on difficult and challenging projects and provide strong technical solutions.  Working with WordPress and more recently mobile applications has been thrilling and the future is bright for these technologies.  WordPress is an extremely powerful and flexible platform that is ever improving and I’m proud to have worked with for 10 years.

Jeff Schreibman – President

Reston Tech Wiz was started in 2008 after Jeff left Booz Allen Hamilton, serving as a high-tech Senior Consultant for 5 years.  Jeff enjoys just about everything involving technology, in most recent years concentrating heavily on WordPress, mobile apps, raspberry pi programming and Google PPC marketing. As of 2018, Jeff enjoys this career change as he can make a more distinct and noticeable impact in his client’s technology and internet marketing presence, but lets see what the future holds.

Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife Jenny, son Matthew, daughter Ellie, lab Odie, and two cats. Jeff also enjoys golf and other business ventures in his spare time (not much).

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