Reston Tech Wiz helps companies leverage WordPress, mobile apps, digital signage and modern marketing techniques to achieve their development and marketing goals.  We are VERY easy to work with and yet don’t take on every project that comes our way.   We first want to evaluate the viability of the relationship on both sides and see if it makes sense.  This approach leads to better solutions, expectations and almost always long-term relationships and success.

Mobile Apps

89% of mobile browsing is done through apps, and 33% of consumers prefer mobile apps to mobile sites. Use this to your advantage and nurture your customer relationships with a custom app that makes shopping with your company a breeze.

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WordPress Programming

Your website is often your customer’s first impression of your business, and customers like websites that are clean, clear, engaging, and fast. Get your customer relationships off to a good start with a user friendly, fully responsive and lightning fast WordPress website.

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Digital Signage

A cohesive customer experience links mobile, web, and in-person elements together to provide clarity, consistency, and trust. Complete the experience and make customers feel at home with on-location digital signage.

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