Project Description

Logi Analytics took advantage of a more expensive agency to build their site to get what they wanted. Although attractive, the site was too complicated to modify whenever they liked, especially when it came to content. Their site was also slow to update and took too much time and effort to do so. We redid the entire site, starting with the theme. We incorporated the Avada theme from WordPress for their current site this way, everything is intuitive, and Logi Analytics is empowered to update their content as they like. We were also able to build custom sections within the site to customize their menu and create a user-friendly experience. We also integrated features from, which is a lightweight landing page technology that allows Logi Analytics and their marketing staff to create new landing pages without all the hassle of handling IT! By updating Logi Analytics’ blog for a more interactive, cleaner read for the user, we were able to enable distraction-free reading. This makes it easier to engage Logi's readers as well as to help them better digest the content. We also redid Logi Analytics’ case study section to be WordPress-friendly and custom-post friendly. All the details of their case study section are custom and are now interactive and user-friendly for their visitors. All this customization was done within WordPress! Logi Analytics’ Avada WordPress theme enables them to have a contemporary, attractive site that enhances their user’s experience as well as their own. They now have a much more intuitive, simple, and enjoyable website!

Project Details

Skills Needed:



WordPress Programming

Project Date:

July 4, 2018