Project Description

Home & Design Magazine came to us with an old CMS to represent their print magazine on which it was difficult to edit content and index information properly. Their navigation was broken and it was impossible to create an online publication on the old system. For Home & Design, we created a custom WordPress theme that matched the new look and feel of the print publication while also creating an online version of the print magazine. It is now easy to upload articles and content in this user-friendly system. The new WordPress theme is a multi-user environment in which users from writers and editors to publishers can easily login to their unique profile and edit or upload information. For writers, the articles they upload will have a link on their name on which the visitor can click on to see other articles written by this author. This accessibility feature creates ease of navigation for the visitor. On the new website, it’s easy to categorize articles and attach posts to the specific issue date that they reference. As a print magazine that is published bi-monthly, it’s important that users are able to identify the print issue online that they want to see and are able to find the links to articles and posts published within that issue. Back issues are now easy to see and access. While the print version of Home & Design Magazine still exists and is distributed, we were able to create an online publication of the magazine and upload it as a PDF. Visitors can easily download this online version and it looks just like the print version. Indeed, users can even flip through it as if it were a print publication! In addition to the responsive design we were able to create, we were also able to add a Datebook for Home & Design to feature different events. Before, these events were largely listed as a mass of text that was indiscernible and time consuming for the user to read. Now, Home & Design is able to expose and organize their events better.     We also added a customized live directory for vendors where vendors have a unique individual profile where they can edit their information. This vendor directory is essential for a high-end print advertiser such as Home & Design Magazine. With today’s web-focused world, the site is more important than print and easier to access. Finally, we added Google Analytics with full tracking of site traffic in addition to the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress for page titles. SEO is an ongoing addition to their new website. Home & Design now has a user-friendly, clean, and accessible website not just for visitors but also for the folks at Home & Design who work hard to keep their publication going. A multi-user environment is ideal when numerous people are working on different projects, and they now have ease of accessibility for their users and visitors, not to mention a beautiful site!

Project Details

Skills Needed:



WordPress Programming

Project Date:

July 4, 2018