Are you selling products or services in Reston or providing local information? Optimizing your WordPress Reston website for local customers can have a positive long-term effect on your site. Otherwise, local customers may have a hard time finding you online.

Optimizing your site for a local audience doesn’t have to be a challenge. It may take time and require a blend of content marketing, SEO, and web design, but it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Here’s how to get started and what you need to pay attention to.

1. Know Your Audience

What do local customers expect from a website like yours? Think not only in terms of content, but also of web design and mobile availability.

If you’re selling local products or services, mobile optimization is a must. Mobile devices have become for many customers the go-to for finding local providers or retailers. If your competitor has a mobile site and you don’t, you lose.

2. Analyze Your Website

Have you optimized your WordPress Reston website for local customers before? If you haven’t, you’ll have more work to do, but that doesn’t have to mean months. The good news is that WordPress itself is one of the most friendly website platforms for local businesses.

WordPress comes out of the box with good SEO. If you already use a WordPress theme, a lot of the basic SEO and web design optimization is already there. So you can focus instead on content optimization.

3. Upgrade Your Theme If You Have To

Your theme may look good, but if it’s not SEO-friendly or loads slowly, it’s not ideal for local customers. Remember that local customers use mobile devices a lot, and that means they expect a responsive design and smooth performance.

Today, responsive themes that work just as well on mobile as on desktop make a big difference. So much so that if your site theme isn’t responsive, Google may not feature it in the first page of the search results page, the page that really matters.

4. Focus On On-Page SEO

Content, graphics, and tags, this is on-page SEO and it can boost your SEO visibility. Adding local names to your keywords remains important in 2018. But even more important is providing content that’s relevant to your local customers.

Think local buying guides, local tips and advice, and stories from local customers. Also important is to use the right tags and Meta descriptions for your content. Focusing on local imagery may also have a positive effect in the long term.

5. Make Your Local Site Social

Register a Facebook page for your site. Also, set up a Twitter account. If you have enough visual content, you can also create a YouTube channel and an Instagram profile. All of these are indirect ways of optimizing your site for a local audience.

Google takes into account your social media activity which may positively influence your SEO ranking and with it, your online visibility for local customers. Another benefit of linking your WordPress Reston website to social media is more traffic from social media.

6. Add a Blog to Your Site

Among the many factors, Google uses to rank sites is the relevancy and recency of your content. Some types of sites can limit the amount of content you can publish.

Simply creating new pages isn’t always a good idea, as it may slow your site performance. A better solution is to add a blog to your WordPress Reston website. With WordPress, you can do that with a simple extension. More challenging that creating a blog is keeping it updated with fresh content, but then you can always outsource content.

The Simple Solution: Reston WordPress Design Services

While you can optimize your website on your own, it’s a process that takes time. The most effective way to optimize your WordPress Reston website for local customers is to use a digital agency that understands your audience.

Having someone take care of all the key aspects of building an engaging site gives you more time to focus on your business strategy. It allows you to see opportunities that you may otherwise miss.

Our WordPress design services in Reston could help your business grow. Get in touch with us to learn more.