When using WordPress consultants to build a website, it is important to select one that considers Search Engine Optimization during the entire coding process. But even though SEO must be kept in mind while designing the site, it is important to understand that SEO is very technical, and a separate consideration from website construction. And because of this, there is quite a bit of ongoing research involved in order to properly implement SEO strategies.

While our clients’ websites are performing up to the expected standard, clients do often ask how our service differentiate from others, besides basic design skills. That is why it is important to know and understand distinct SEO practices that derive the desired results. Once you understand what will get your website high rankings versus those that will cause you to be penalized, you will be able to determine if your potential WordPress consultants know search engine optimization or not.

SEO FACTORS Your WordPress Consultants Consider When Building WordPress Websites

There are multiple SEO factors that will affect your page’s ranking that is important for your WordPress consultants to understand and incorporate into the building of your page. Without this knowledge, the result will be an unproductive platform that will not derive any substantial search engine recognition or traffic.

Your WordPress Consultants know this SEO breakdown

Domain Name 25%

The domain name of your website is one of the most important elements that play a vital role in the search engine performance you will-or will not- garner.  Ensure that the main keywords related to the website�™s purpose are in the domain name so that it appears when that keyword is searched for.

Incoming Links 10%

Because there is not much to do in order to have complete control over what websites are linked to which, this can be a frustrating aspect of the process. Nonetheless, search engines apply a high level of priority to incoming links because they provide relevancy to websites. Alexa is a great service that accurately tracks incoming links, with YouTube.com being another incoming link to have – especially if the company represented has videos posted on YouTube. In that case, they should deftly be linked back to the main website.

Social Networking Links 10%

Up until 2010, incoming links used to be 20%, which was during a time in which they were organized into categories, with social networking means being the second category. This is actually beneficial since the probability is better with the cultivation of social networking links. This rule applies to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google plus and other social networks.

This is particularly applicable in the case that the website functions as a blog. When new content is generated, it should be spread out across social media networks as much as possible. The goal is to develop an audience who find the content to be useful or informative enough that they decide to pass along the link among their social influence by sharing it. If nothing else, the employees of the company should be publicizing new content on their social profiles.

Title Tag 7.5%

This is different from meta-keywords and actually more important. The tag title is the text that describes just sits at the top of the browser. It is especially important that keywords are stuffed into this title because the keyword density is most vital. It is important that the WordPress consultant does not insert information that is counterproductive, such as the business phone number or operation hours because they devalue the potential of the title tag.

URL or Permalink 7.5%

This is the link used to access the website or a post on its. If the link to the content is a generic link such as http://example.com/?p=324, the URL provides no value to the website as it has no aspect of SEO integrated into it.  WordPress consultants that really understand SEO will know to use “pretty permalinks” in order to automate the process of integrating the title of the contents into the text of the link.

There are, however, many instances where a catchy title is used in order to captivate the attention of the audience. In the case that the title is long, it will not be as SEO effective as it could.

Keyword Density 5%

this is a measurement of the number of times the keywords appear on the homepage of the website. While it is very important to spread out keywords throughout the homepage in order to achieve a good density, the website can be penalized if the density is too high. At the moment, Google declares that a 5% density is sufficient, but that could change 24 hours from now, so your consultant must be up-to-date with Google’s guidelines.

Website Size & Speed 5%

The design consultant should be thinking that “smaller is better” in order to improve the efficiency of the web page. The file sizes, image sizes and use of JavaScript’s all determine the website deficiency, and the faster that the website loads, the better the SEO results will be. By selecting “inspect element” > resources with a right-click on the website, Chrome can be used to analyze the site speed.

Proper Coding 5%

5% – 95% operate exactly as intended when a portion of the cold is broken or improper. So it is absolutely true that the Colts will website does not always have to be exact and perfect. But, if there are too many errors, the relevancy of the website will suffer. A validator service can be used to check the coding, and it is easy enough to use that you don’t have to be an expert to understand it. A website that has 50 or fewer errors is in great shape. Website with somewhere between 50 to 100 errors is most likely okay for the meantime. But a site with more than 100 errors is extremely likely to be severely suffering.

The Miscellaneous 25%

The categories that make up the remaining 25% may seem to have minimal implications, considering the percentage of the effect that they have. But they make the world of a difference in rankings, which could be the difference between 5000 visitors per day and 10,000. While inexperienced consultants may overlook their effectiveness, a well-trained and expert level consultants would not dare ignore these attributes.

Broken Links

A broken link on the website is bad news. It gives the impression that the owner does not take the website seriously. Google figures, if you don’t care, why should they. WC3 Link Checker can be used in order to scan the website and is sure that no broken links are left unattended.

Meta Keywords

This is a frequently misunderstood attribute, which makes some novices freak out. The first request of the consultant is “Make sure my keywords are coded right”. It doesn’t require a Masters or doctorate degree to be efficient in coding.

meta name=” selected keywords” content=” web design, SEO, WordPress, consultants”

There used to be a time where this particular meta-tag had an extremely positive effect on the SEO value of the website. But as of today, it holds a small amount of weight. Google AdWords is a great resource to evaluate the value of keywords, but in order to use the tool effectively it requires quite a bit of knowledge in order for its use to be beneficial, but your WordPress consultants are here to guide you and take care of the scary KPI analytics.

Post Tags

While this attribute is specific to WordPress only, it is a very serious mistake to ignore the power of using tag clouds. It is important that posts are tagged with relevant keywords in the site also tagged with the same.

Link, Alt Tags, and Filenames

This is actually a significant attribute to consider. When images are named, if nothing else, use the company name or prominent keywords. For example, a featured image located on your homepage may be named “shelf builder.jpg” (supposing “shelf builder” is your keyword). Shelf builder.jpg is a MUCH friendlier SEO file name than sb3254.gif. Take a look at the image found on one of Sprint’s wireless local home pages:

filenames can be a search crawlers best friend and your WordPress Consultants know this

The file name is “ps-hero.jpg”.

The ad is visually appealing, but do you think the Google spider knows how in the world to index


Very easily, consultants could rattle off of the or more factors that contribute to the overall SEO relevancy of websites. What may weigh heavily today may become irrelevant tomorrow. Therefore, it is important that the WordPress consultants also are able to assemble a solid website that has a high level of performance and incorporates SEO effectively, without overdoing it. Otherwise, the website could increase by 10,000 visitors today, then be on the first page of Google tomorrow, and then disappear altogether the day after.

SEO Depends on Platform: WordPress vs. Html

If the WordPress consultants you are looking to hire is still using .html, run fast because they are building websites that completely miss the benefits of SEO. Google has a high level of admiration for word press. WordPress websites are indexed on the totality of context, not only the homepage for a select group of keywords. For example, a post can serve as a tangent of the business. That tangent will most likely achieve impressive results on Google. The hope is that the audience consuming the content will be impressed with the tangent to become repetitious and there should purchasing of the products and services offered.

Determining Your Keywords Means Determining Your Brand

Envisioned the process in which people search for a particular website. The best success comes from turning to words that are put together to make the keywords. A great example of this is a website that is looking to rank highly for keywords such as “hats”. Even if the company does not produce hats, using a keyword that provides a narrow focus such as “custom hats” will allow the websites will appear on Google in the top 10 results.

Your WordPress Consultants Will Rank for Other Search Engines Too

Far behind Google is Bing, Yahoo and AOL search engines. The logarithm that works with one search engine is not necessarily applicable to the others. Again, the WordPress consultants you seek should have an expert level of knowledge about Google, and can assertively and confidently be capable of achieving results on the other search engines without putting forth too much additional effort.

Your WordPress Consultants Should Know Google AdWords Intimately

Google at words is indispensable when using a pay per click strategy in order to advertise. Many blog owners are expressly impressed by the results derived from AdWords, which are ads that are posted along the side of search results populated by Google. In some cases, the AdWords are highlighted at the top of the search. There is a $50 minimum involved, and the cost per click can range from $.50 to three dollars for each, which is based on the competition for that keyword. Some website owners find great benefit in the bonuses that come from having hours account, such as keyword reports that can be populated.

Advanced SEO Tricks Your WordPress Consultants Use

Find the dominant leader in the industry, and study the keywords they are using. Also closely analyze the meta-tags employed, the number of incoming links that have been strategically placed, and the wording of the titles use.

Choosing WordPress Consultants Not Just an SEO Company

“This is amazing, but I will freak out if I do not get me keywords to #1.” If this is something that rings true for you, then investing in an SEO company is the most beneficial investment you could make. Selecting a company is extremely difficult because there are more than a handful of companies that design websites that have very little to no understanding of SEO. Do not let industry jargon, acronyms, and big words confuse you. Most important consideration should be the portfolio, requests 5 to 10 references or links for folios available. Any designer can get lucky with one site that happens to be outstanding, but only an expert can produce a consistent stream of high-quality websites. The key is to find an expert was able to perform consistently with keyword results that exceed 50 million. Aside from the Bible or notice, be prepared to sell out a pretty penny because there are quite a few keywords that rank high but are expensive.

Does Your WordPress Consultants Use Flash with SEO?

Flash has the capability of doing quite a few cool things. Many consultants code in flash but use it very rarely. That is because they discovered that JavaScript serves as a great alternative. Flash becomes problematic because it runs off of filenames that contain critical information regarding your business and SEO. Because it is unfortunate that search engine spiders are unable to index filenames and not the content of the file, the class can really slow down websites for a long time – even when using broadband. More often than not, there is a better alternative to flash, yet, many of the inexperienced and unknowledgeable consultants are under the assumption that flash is the crème de la crème and coding language. They do not understand that professionals, who are aware, rarely use it.

Moreover, for all those reasons, and more, it is the important to be selective when differentiating between website design and WordPress consultants. Worst-case scenario, you spend a lot of money for absolutely no result. And best case, you get more than you paid for, which in itself is the definition of value. Look into your WordPress consultants and see if they have the skills needed to bring value to your web projects. Want to know how our team of WordPress experts can help your business in every digital department request a quick estimate here!