Identify Your WordPress Developer

Have been poking around and toggling the idea of building a WordPress website? Then there are a few things you could stand to learn a little bit more about. When performing a simple search for a WordPress consultant or perhaps a WordPress team, the results will be flooded with everyone and their five stepchildren claiming to be the best WordPress consulting firm on the market. One important thing to look for when considering which person or WordPress agency is right for you is by examining their WordPress developer.

This is a hoot, because while many of them may very well be great at WordPress website design and WordPress development; one fact remains. How can one person be capable of handling a vast variety of projects that require numerous skill sets, possibly too many for one person to employ?

It is simple. One person cannot keep up with the demands of a handful of clients, especially if they are attempting to advertise themselves as a WordPress consultant that offers a wide range of WordPress services. If you know you are looking past the face of just your WordPress website design, then you may be looking for more than just a WordPress Developer and gear your sights toward a WordPress team.

Why choose a WordPress team?

Startups and already existing businesses rarely find themselves with the required time to go through and individually hire someone for each process of the development of their WordPress website. This alone can get confusing, as there are more areas of WordPress than one may assume and finding a WordPress team that fully understands and can professionally employ the best of the best when it comes to WordPress services is essential; not only to you but to the vitality of your WordPress website project.

Do not get me wrong, it is not rare to find one person who possesses the knowledge of all things WordPress. Trust me they are out there by the dozens. The problem lies with the workload. How much design, development, and programming can one WordPress consultant handle? How many clients is their max limit?

Depending on the size of your WordPress projects, you may require a powerhouse agency and not a lone-standing warrior (we love our WordPress Spartans). Some projects require theme development, while some may call for WordPress plugin customizations. When building a WordPress team, starting with a WordPress developer is not a bad starting point. Therefore, how would you find out if the WordPress Consultant you chose is good enough at being a WordPress developer? Let’™s look at what makes a WordPress Team’™s developer worth hiring?

Creating a WordPress Team with a Strong Developer

When looking at WordPress developers, one needs to look at their technical know-how and evaluate their past entries in their portfolio to see if their skill set matches your intended style, tone, projections, and design.

Team cohesion is a necessary skill to promote constant growth

WordPress Developers in a Nutshell

There is a wide range of WordPress developers, each with a different toolbox of experience. The reason for this is more than likely related to the fact of project availability, meaning different projects have different requirements and look for a different set of skills in their WordPress Developer. Over the years, these developers pick up a growing repertoire of skills through research, education, and work. Let’™s look at some skills that simply cannot be overlooked!

PHP Proficiency in your WordPress Team

This is a critical skill and an essential requirement for any respectable WordPress Developer. PHP is the what WordPress is developed in, therefore making it the official WordPress language.

In-and-Outs of the WordPress System

Perhaps the single most important skill that comes after PHP knowledge, is their actual knowledge of the WordPress system itself. Besides, what is a successful WordPress team, if the developer cannot properly navigate through the system seamlessly. WordPress is comprised of an intricate system of files and folders that serve a vital role in the design, creation, and production of themes and plugins. Developers should know this structuring because a single out of place file can spell disaster for the whole WordPress website.

Inside Your WordPress Developer’™s ToolBox

One of the last things to consider when looking to incorporate a new WordPress developer to your WordPress Team, you will need to examine his/her toolkit to see if they are equipped with the right tools to make your projects and WordPress development as smooth as possible. Some of these tools include IDE, debuggers, various deployment, and version control tools.

Project Management Experience is a Major Bonus

In addition to all of the tools and various skills, we require our WordPress developers to know; project management is another one of those skills that bring a little something extra to your WordPress website projects and it never hurts to have an organized project manager on your WordPress team.

To Hire a Developer or a WordPress Team?

This is where preference comes into play, along with the budget, plans, project requirements and a whole mess of other items to think about before committing to one WordPress consulting option. On one hand, it is great to work with an individual WordPress developer, for a sense of closeness and ease of communication, rather than extended waits that come with some WordPress consultants who are part of a WordPress agency.

On the other hand, opting to take your WordPress consulting from a WordPress team or WordPress agency comes with more than a larger price tag. In most cases, these professional WordPress Consulting agencies are a one-stop-shop of all things WordPress related, including SEO in lots of cases. The question is where will you go for your next WordPress project?

If you enjoyed learning about this WordPress topic then be sure to check out our “WordPress Everything” page for a continuous list of growing WordPress topics. Want to see something we haven’™t covered yet? Send us a message and we will work it into our calendar.