The ways of SEO are constantly changing to keep up with the consistently modified algorithm for Google and other search engines. One of the major implementations in recent Google algorithms is the importance of social signals. This means that a website is weighed more heavily based on its performance in social media. For instance, if you have a viral campaign and it starts trending on Twitter, then it will help your website rank higher in SERPs. The ways that social media interaction affects your SEO results are not completely figured out, but there are definitely reasons why you should get involved now.

Social Media Marketing Is Great for Lead Generation

Social media marketing serves many purposes and not all of them are directly related to SEO performance. One of the great perks of marketing through social media is that it will help you produce many high-quality leads. Sure, not all your Facebook fans will be buyers and your conversion rate may be lower with social networks; however, it is essentially free leads and with the right marketing it will be very easy to target users of certain demographics and interests. For instance, a fan page on custom auto parts would have fans with a particular interest for that and they would be easy to market to for products in that niche.

Social Media Marketing Affects Google SERP for Your Website

The lead generation benefits are a great plus, but they are often not the main reason that social media marketing is used. More importantly, it is used for search engine optimization purposes. This is because you can improve your search engine ranking position by creating powerful social signals through your social network. Not only will you be sending direct traffic to your connections, but you will be building yourself up in the search engine for more potential natural traffic.

Social Networking Is Needed to Get Ahead of Panda

Google’s recent Panda update has made SEO a completely different game. As a result, SEO experts have had to change the way that they approach ranking a website. To do so, it is essential that all of the currently important values for a website’s ranking results are taken into consideration. This includes the social signals for the website. In return, this makes it increasingly important for you to get involved with social networking so you can still achieve great SEO results even after the Panda updates.

Google is heading towards a more interactive presence. This particular search engine loves communities and networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger. This is due to the amount of depth that these websites create and the level of visitor satisfaction that is perceived. Users on Facebook and Twitter may spend hours a day on the website and continue to return. That definitely seems to be a better viewing experience than a page that only gets the occasional view of a returning visitor. With that being said, use the power of social media marketing to your advantage and implement it in your SEO plan so you can get the best ranking results possible.