The owner of MilitaryBases acquired the site from a third party. The site website platform, host, design, HTML coding, theme and marketing efforts were completely outdated. After turning to WordPress consultants Reston Tech Wiz and our WordPress team of designers, developers, creators, and overall experts, the journey had begun. Our initial goal was to migrate from their old host to a managed WordPress host, where we updated the HTML, implemented CSS, and recreated their brand on the new WordPress website.


Our team of developers designed a Jobs Portal focused on Military Jobs. The purpose of this page was to create a place where existing and former military personnel could search, apply, and potential gain employment


Our WordPress consultants also engaged a powerful PPC AdWords campaign. Ads were strategically placed along the site for optimum conversion, while a full site audit uncovered thousands of errors in their original design which was working against what little search engine optimization they had already in place.

After updating the coding and implementing a fresh new SEO strategy, our content experts took to their pads to create compelling copying throughout the site, producing unique content. MilitaryBases opted for a recurring management plan that allowed consistent blog and social media management to keep fresh content consistently uploaded.

Through our social media efforts, we were able to increase the total number of view within a short period of time while also expanding their fan base. Our social media strategy employed the combined used of current events, politics, and military news to engage views and maximize clicks. The overall efforts placed MilitaryBases on the first search engine results page (SERP) for numerous high volume keywords. MilitaryBases experienced increased growth in traffic, clicks, and conversions by using Reston Tech Wiz total WordPress Website Solution.