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Home and Design Portfolio

Home and Design Portfolio started with a proprietary Windows server with an ASP platform. On this platform, they weren’t able to modify content without going back to the developer. Naturally, this site wasn’t clean or responsive at all. They successfully moved to WordPress with us and have never looked back!

On their current site, the front page sliders provide the full width of pictures of professional designs and are different every time you look at the homepage—perfect for engaging users and staying fresh!

We were able to break up Home and Design’s site into different regions and designers, therefore simplifying the user experience based on what they’re searching for. The graphics are all full width for a true visual experience—no gaps helps their visitors feel as if they’re not only viewing the design, but part of it.

One of the most accessible features on this site is that designers can log in to their own WordPress accounts and edit their portfolio and profile to always keep it updated and change information as needed.

Each designer can also tag pages using a Schema markup on their profiles so each is very SEO-friendly–this code tells search engines the meaning behind your data, not just the words. The Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress works with this without much of the custom coding you see in similar situations. WordPress makes this structured data easier!

We also incorporated an integrated CDN which increases page load time for a speedy delivery, especially of the large, high-quality photos that Home and Design needs for their custom visitor experience. Their site is intuitive, engaging, and easy to update!