Golf Maintenance Solutions

Golf Maintenance Solutions (GMS) is a golf management company that needed help with an extremely outdated CMS that wasnít responsive for the user and couldn’t accommodate mobile platforms. To keep from losing customers on their mobile site that wasnít indexing well, GMS worked with us to create a site with cohesive branding, large images, and a hidden menu for a cleaner feel and a more intuitive design for their users.

Golf Maintenance Solutionsí more responsive web design with a fresh look and feel also extended itself into the content of the siteónot only was it difficult to change content on the old CMS, but this led to stagnant content that accumulated on the site. With the new WordPress custom solution, GMS is now able to fully manage their own content through adding new and editing existing content.

An easy-to-access client list in the form of a map features better visibility and searchability into clients of GMS.

We also incorporated MailChimp for GMS to help with marketing, formulating and distributing newsletters, and to feature an SEO-friendly golf encyclopedia custom for GMS.

Our WordPress consultants were able to deliver amazing results that GMS was proud of. Golf Maintenance Solutions now has a clean, user-friendly, and attractive WordPress site that’s intuitive for their visitors and creates a cohesive feel throughout the site with their custom branding, large images, and usability features.