Wydler Brothers

Project Description

Wydler Brothers Realty came to us with an old CMS that was inconvenient and difficult to edit. We created a custom WordPress template and reorganized their content to be logical and accessible to the user. With an old website that was extremely busy and difficult to read, Wydler Brothers wasn’t able to accurately represent their polished business and professionalism. We created a professional and up-to-date site that uses responsive design, ensuring that on-the-go users would be able to access Wydler Brothers Realty from any location, which is essential in real estate! In this multi-user setting, we created agent roles where they can easily access and edit their profiles. In addition, users logged into the site have the ability to assign properties to different agents. This gives agents a subsite to advertise through for themselves as well as their properties. They are able to edit their testimonials, showcase their properties, and add and edit their social icons into the bio, further connecting with clients and the community. With the property listings, we tied the search to the IDX press plugin for WordPress, where the IDX feed shows all kinds of listings for real estate. We were able to integrate this plugin to their website to keep updated listings of all the properties linked to outside sources, therefore leading back to the Wydler Brothers website. Optimizing listings in this way leads to more traffic and better sources for clients, making searching for real estate easy and reliable. In addition to improving the layout and readability of the existing content, we also incorporated Google Analytics and ongoing SEO to the site. We redid the blog so that it could be easily updated and accessible. We were also able to create the vendor directory to be a flipbook, which is not only accessible but fun to use! By optimizing listings with the IDX plugin, creating unique realtor profiles assigned to individual properties, and getting rid of the old CMS in favor of a new custom WordPress website, we were able to help Wydler Brothers to represent their clean, professional, and accessible realty business to the greater DC area.