Project Description

A New Jersey-based tea company came to us with an old platform that wasn't easy to update and had very expensive hosting with an ASP.net shopping cart this old technology couldn't keep up with the new demand, and security concerns were always an issue on the outdated platform. With a new custom look and feel to compliment Tavalon's branding, we moved them over to WordPress with a WooCommerce plug-in to replace the old shopping cart. This seamless transition took the old ASP.net rewards system their existing customers had and moved it over to WordPress. This integration set customers up with rewards for purchases and made it easy to continue getting rewarded for purchases and loyalty. This new system further helped to build customer loyalty and transition Tavalon to a new system that worked better, was more responsive, and easier to use. Tavalon's blog was also separate from their main site, which didn't provide the integrative feel and ease their customers were looking for. With the blog and WordPress site now integrated into one, it's now easier to link to products and provide customers with an easy, functional, and fresh site with engaging content. Tavalon's custom WordPress site is now easy to use, easy to update, and security concerns are no longer an issue. With the WooCommerce WordPress plug-in and integrated blog, Tavalon is ready for business!