If we are being completely honest here: it takes a lot of stamina to run a WordPress Business. You are responsible for managing the finances, employees and client relationships. You also have to remain productive with whatever design, development, writing or other services you provide in order to keep the money coming in. Not to mention having to juggle those responsibilities and somehow find the time to cultivate new clients, while keeping a healthy work/life balance. Things can get complicated and hours, days even can fly by when performing even the smallest site tweaks.

If you are one of those people who find it difficult to get everything on your To-do list done, then join the club. Sales and marketing tasks are not necessarily enjoyable, especially when your ultimate goal was just to build a memorable WordPress Blog for your WordPress Business, not turn it into its own entity.

Furthermore, in order for you to continue to increase your business’s bottom line, you have to actively pursue new clients and that means new content. This is not only true for WordPress designers and developers whose main stream of business consist of one-time WordPress Blog transactions, before anyone who operates a service-based business. If you stop bringing in new clients to the business, it will not be long before you notice that your workload will slow down or become non-existent. So in order to keep your profits streaming, it is the sales and marketing aspect of your blog that you must focus the most energy on. Your future prospects want VALUE!!! Turn your blog into an industry resource.

One of the main reasons that many owners like yourself are turned off by the idea of marketing is because it can be very time-consuming and expensive to execute, especially some of the high-end marketing strategies. Even more so, there is a very significant chance that your business will not reap the benefits of the investment for 6 months to a year from now. That is not the focus of today’s conversation. Instead, I want to shed some light on blogging benefits your WordPress business will have when implementing a business blog on your WordPress.

Reason WordPress Businesses Should Have a Blog

Now, before you panic, I want to add this disclaimer. I understand perfectly clear if you are not the type of person who enjoys writing blogs, or if you are just not good at it. However, that is not a good enough reason to keep you from having a WordPress Blog.

How dare you deny your customers, visitors, and clients any type of content value. Show them why your product rocks! First of all, you do not have to write the content yourself because you can outsource that task, there are plenty of qualified freelance copywriters out there that can churn out some serious results. Secondly, a blog post does not have to be an extensively long piece, full of hyper-intellectual words. You will understand very shortly why. For now, we are focused on the reasons why your WordPress business needs a blog.

1. It Is Easy To Afford

We know that time is money, but aside from the time investment, and perhaps the costs of purchasing quality photographs, there really is no other cost involved in order to be successful at blogging. At most, it may cost you a couple hours out of your time to write a blog if you do it yourself, but that is pretty much equivalent to the costs of hiring a freelance writer to do it for you.

2. Improve SEO

While you could shell out cash and pay Google to display your blog at the top of the search rankings with paid ads, it has been proven in studies that reaching that position organically is what people care about the most. Consequently, if you are looking to establish your website or business and grow as an authoritative influencer in your industry, one of the best ways to do that is to expand the number of indexed pages that are on your site, primarily by increase your blog content. Google will see that you are constantly adding valuable and relevant information on your site and reward you by increasing your rankings and authority.

3. Cultivating A Loyal Audience

When reviewing the analytics to track the visitors that come to your website, you probably will be most interested in knowing how many new and returning visitors you are getting. Having visitors is exciting, and it is a good sign that your website is delivering a quality that is attractive to users and Google for that matter. And having return visitors is even more exciting because that means not only were they impressed by your content, but they came back for more. This is a key indicator that you are building a loyal audience by providing them with consistently updated and relevant content.

4. Establish Yourself As An Authority

A laid-back website that explains the benefits of your services as a WordPress professional and explains how this benefits your clients is good. But explaining how thorough of a job you do for your clients and establishing yourself as an expert in your field takes your business to an entirely new level. Your blog will aid in the development of your company’s authority within your niche and works great to provide examples of your expert knowledge in the field, thus resulting in Google showing some love and increasing your page authority, which in return will aid in increasing your rankings on SERPs.

5. Adding Consumer Value

Blogs are very effective at giving value to your users’ online experience. Visitors, any of which may convert into paying customers, will take notice that you are putting forth a consistent effort towards your WordPress Business, by answering some common questions in a series of strategic posts. Not only will they view you as an authoritative word press professional, but you will become their reliable source that they turn to when looking for interesting and helpful content within the respective industry.

6. Attracting New Business is the Name of the Game

There are several methods one can use to drive new traffic, most of which will require you to read endless posts, each claiming to be the BAEA (Be All End All) of techniques to drive conversions. However, according to 71% of bloggers, a well-maintained blog can be a very effective tool for increasing your visibility. If your target demographic of clients are anywhere in the world looking on the internet to find a product or service in your industry, it may be your blog that they discover in their search first, that will bring their business directly to your doorstep.

7. Let Your Brand Be Heard

The best business relationships are those that are cultivated by a genuine connection that was established prior to the conducting of business. Something on your page that made them feel secure and well informed enough to open their wallets. Another reason why your WordPress Business should have a blog is that it is a great place to establish a brand identity as well as set the tone for you as an individual and expert in your field. Developing content that is centered on user experience, branding, and frequency, you can allow others to experience your voice and brand, sharing the experience you aim to create, ultimately leading to a connection with your audience.

8. Create Your Own Community

One of the most enjoyable aspects of writing a blog is an opportunity to plug into the WordPress community by way of the comments section. If you set your blog up to include a comments section on the page in order to encourage engagement, this is the perfect way to participate in a conversation with your clients and create viable exchanges of information that is more valuable than the actual paying customer. And it is a great way to let users know you are real and down to earth.

9. Increase Exposure

Even though the majority of the information that you share on your social media profile is content from other people – you are not only promoting yourself but also encouraging meaningful conversations, and there is still a way to effectively squeeze out your own content from time to time. The more entries you put into your WordPress Blog, the more posts you have that could be shared on your WordPress Business profile. This also means that your visitors have access to more content that draws interest towards you and expands your exposure.

10. More Opportunities For Conversions

It is obvious that you don’t want to sound like your selling something when writing your blog posts, so you have to be careful about the placement of your call-to-actions. But the bottom line is, the more times you share your call-to-action, the more opportunities you create for your WordPress Business to make sales. That means that you should create a volume of WordPress Blog posts, which in turn, creates a volume of invitations without being aggressive.