When Google was originally founded, it was supposed to be a pet project; a fun Ph.D idea that somehow didn’t just become a part of the growing age of technology—it basically became the Internet. Other than Wikipedia, of course. But more than that, Google has managed to create an entire empire; an empire that expands far beyond the confines of the Internet. Google has not only managed to become the world’s largest search engine, it has also developed a plethora of products that, in essence, make technology “smarter.” From smartphones to tablets to music players, to self-driving cars and drones, Google has it all. And now, Google also offers marketing services that are perfect for business-to-business transactions.

Using Google Plus, you can market your company online to loads of followers—or only a handful. Unlike all the other major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, Google offers something different: an exchange of pure information and ideas, more than anything else. With most social media sites, the emphasis is on either the visual or the message; there is little time to go really in depth on a Facebook post or Tweet. But with Google Plus, the point is basically to share as much information as possible—and doing so allows you to share it with selected audiences as well. Instead of putting a post out there that is seen by the masses, you can cater your posts to certain circles to exclusively pick and choose who you want to see or take notice of a new brand you’ve been developing or project you’ve been working on. In the modern world, marketing is moving much further away from the old-fashioned sales models and much more towards the content of what is being emphasized. Here’s everything you need to know to get started with Google Plus: