Google AdWords

Google AdWords will improve traffic to your site with people that are searching Google using keywords. Google AdWords allows us to manage and choose the location your ads will show as well as showing many different varieties of media in Google AdWords (text, pictures, videos).

With our GoogleAdWords services, we can help you choose the right keywords, lower your pay-per-click costs, and make your ads more targeted, leading to more traffic to your site, more clicks on your ads, and more leads coming to your website. Review your Google AdWords campaign monthly to add keywords and adjust ad text. Optimize the monthly ad spend to get the most prospective visitors.

Google Ad Words pay-per-click advertising campaign

Often the cost of these ads are as little as $.50-$3 each time a potential customer clicks on your advertisement in the Google search engine. With a proper landing page, these advertising per-click prices can go down even more. You do not pay each time the ad is shown (an impression) but rather only when the ad itself is clicked. We are aGoogle AdWords Certified Professionaland can help you achieve your Internet advertising goals. Please refer to the following documentation which will give you a brief overview of some of the tools within the AdWords system that we use and how it can be beneficial for your business in a very short period of time.

  • Google Analytics Keep track of the behavior of visitors to your website.
  • Google Keyword Tool Perform critical analysis of the keywords that are driving visitors to your website. You want to optimize and qualify these leads BEFORE they get to your site.
  • Google Conversion Tracking After you are using an AdWords campaign, you will want to know how much you are spending in order to generate a qualified lead. You can determine how much money you are making per lead and tweak your advertising budget accordingly.

Its hard enough to grow your business and make a profit with traditional methods. Contact us to help you get your account set up and running today. Every day you wait is more possible leads and potential revenue lost.

google search engine marketing

Google Search Engine Marketing