WordPress Quicktags are an easy and fast way to insert HTML code into posts. All the buttons present at the top of your WordPress editor being in the text mode are considered as WordPress Quicktags. These tags help the users to manage the content in an efficient manner. You can add HTML elements, custom classes etc. to your posts. WordPress offers some default quick tags but you can also add a few custom quick tags in your text editor.

You can easily create a custom Quicktags by using WordPress QuickTags API, One can easily customize it easily.

Parameters for creating custom QuickTags:

  • id:This parameter is required as it is the HTML id for the button
  • display:This parameter is also necessary as it is the symbol that will be displayed on the button.
  • arg1:This parameter is required as opening tags come under this. For instance- <span>
  • arg2:Closing tags come under this parameter and also it is optional to use them.
  • access_key:This parameter is also optional and it is used for assigning a shortcut key to access it.
  • title:This parameter is used for giving a title to the button. you can also leave it blank if you don’t want to give it a title
  • priority:It is used to place the button at the desired position.
  • Instance:With this parameter, you can limit the button to a particular instance. you can add all instance just by leaving it blank.

One can save a lot of time and effort by using WordPress QuickTags.