WordPress Page templates refer to a predesigned page structure that enables the user to have a specific page design to organize content and other information. A page template can be used for one page, several pages, or all of the pages on the site.

For displaying your dynamic content such as posts, media content etc. in a more specific manner then you can simply do it by adding a page template.Page templates help in providing a new feel to your page.

With WordPress page templates, you can modify every aspect of your current pages, for instance- if you want to list all your new posts in a specific way or you want to change the look of your homepage etc. All these things are possible with the help of page templates. The elements included in the page template are the font, graphics, styles, and tables etc.

Before planning to create a custom page template, one should always decide whether the template will be for any particular page or for all pages and what sort of user control you want to add in the template. Also, one should have a good command over HTML, CSS, and PHP for creating a custom page template in WordPress.

Creating a custom page template

For creating a template for a specific page, all you need to do is copy your existing page.php file then consider renaming it with that page’s id or slug.