Really Simple Syndication or RSS in WordPress is an arrangement used for organizing and updating, and transferring many types of content, especially blog entries over a network. It is a convenient way of putting together all the content in one location which interests the readers. After having subscribed to the RSS of the site, the readers can find all the feeds regarding their favorite websites in the RSS feed.

The whole idea of RSS came into being in the year 1999 and since then it is working as a transmitter of contents across the web.RSS in WordPress helps in increasing subscribers of your blog by providing them all the content that interests them across the web.

To subscribe to it, the readers need to locate the RSS subscribe button present in the blog. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for a reader to find the RSS Feed button so, one should look for it near the social media handles button present in the footer of the website.Enabling RSS in WordPress is much convenient for the audience as it helps in freeing them from email overloads. It also has some advantages for the publishers as they can boost up their online presence and can build a stronger bond with their followers.

There are two possible ways to use RSS in WordPress site:

  • By manual coding
  • By using a plugin

Using RSS feed in your WordPress site is the most cost-effective way of content marketing.