Resource Description Framework OR RDF is a network used to describe the information of resources on the web. The RDF description is also known as metadata (data about data) and it includes information regarding the date of creation, the organization of the page, subject categories, and keywords for search engine optimization etc. Although, there are various conventional tools for data interchange, however, Resource Description Framework s considered as the standard model for dealing with data.

RDF is an effective way of integrating data from multiple sources. With this tool, one can apply multiple schemas and can also modify it without bringing any changes to the data instances. RDF provides chunks of information available on the internet such as sitemap, webpage, keywords etc.

RDF is the application of XML (Extensible Markup Language) but is developed under W3C (World Wide Consortium)

Benefits of RDF:

  • Users will be able to get more precise results because of the metadata
  • Software agents will have accurate data
  • The query capability helps in exchanging information

Basically, RDF exists just to access all the data and records in a machine-processable form.