Recordsets refer to the group of records or the results that the database query delivers. It is considered as a common concept among various platforms such as ActiveX Data Objects and Data Access Object. Recordset has a specific logic according to which it manipulates and updates data. One cannot easily serialize the recordset into XML as it is not XML-based.

There are five types of recordsets available in Data Access Object and all the objects are created using rows and columns

  • Snapshot-type Recordset: A snapshot-type recordset is a static copy of reports that one can use to generate reports.
  • Dynaset-type Recordset: A dynaset-type recordset is a dynamic copy of records and by using it, one can apply some changes to the database tables.
  • Forward only type Recordset: A forward-type recordset is much similar to the snapshot-type recordset, however, no cursor is provided in it.
  • Dynamic-type Recordset:A dynamic-type recordset is a set of query result in which one can change the record from a low-returning query.
  • Table-type Recordset: A table-type Recordset shows the database file in a single table. If the file is unlocked then one can easily update it.