PHP (which loosely stands for hypertext preprocessor) is a programming language used to create dynamic websites. Web developers embed PHP in HTML to connect Web pages to databases.

When a user requests your content, WordPress uses PHP to query the database that stores it, then generates the complete HTML and returns the content on the Web page. This activity occurs behind the scenes; only very advanced users such as WordPress developers interact directly with PHP scripts.

PHP is open source and compatible with virtually all operating systems. It also reduces the time involved in creating a website.


<!DOCTYPE html>

		<a href="../index.html"><h3>Home</h3></a>
		<p>This is a paragraph.</p>
	include 'dbConnect.php';
	// set parameters and execute
	$firstNameFromWebsite = "admin";
	$lastNameFromWebsite = "admin";
	$userNameFromWebsite = "admin";
	$dateOfBirthFromWebsite = "01/01/0000";
	$passwordFromWebsite = "admin";
	$socialSecurityFromWebsite = "111-111-1111";
	//$FKidClient = "";

	$sql = "INSERT INTO applicant

A snippet of PHP code, embedded in HTML. Source:WebSmartDeskIoT.