Encyclopedia of Wordpress

WordPress media refers to the images, audio, video, and other files that accompany your site’s textual content. In most cases, WordPress website users upload media as part of the process of creating a new page or post. You can do this by clicking on the Add Media button that appears above the edit window. There are three ways to add an image from the Insert Media window that opens:

  • Choose an existing image from your WordPress Media Library
  • Upload a new image by switching to the Upload Files tab
  • Use the Insert from URL link to insert an image from the Web

You also have the following options:

You can manage all of your site’s media through the Media menu item in the WordPress Administration Area. For example, you can delete images in bulk, or change the order in which the images appear in your library. Users can filter files by media type and date, or search across the library in the search box at the top right. Clicking on a single image will open a details page where you can add or edit the title, caption, alternative text, and description. The View attachment page option previews how the image will look when integrated with your site’s Theme.


A WordPress media library.

A WordPress media library.