One should display blog stats in WordPress site to engage more audience as some people feel connected and enjoy being a part of the site’s growing online reputation. You can use this tactic as a marketing strategy to boost up your visibility. The stats are the numbers and records showing how many views your site or blog received during a specific time as well as how many people have visited the site or blog.

Displaying stats can also prove beneficial for yourself as you will get an idea of your target audience and by monitoring the number of views, you can get an idea of how well your content is. If the views are low then you can work on your future pieces.

Let’s consider how one can display blog stats in WordPress:

For incorporating blog stats, first, you need to install a new plugin named as “Simple Blog Stats” and then activate it.

After activation, now go to the setting page, here you will see a “shortcode” option then click on it.

You can see a wide range of information related to your blog such as the total number of published posts, views of each post, comment on the blog post and when it was last updated etc.

From all these information, you need to choose what you would like to display on your blogs for instance if you choose to display total blog stats then all you need to do is copy the shortcode of it and paste it into the text editor of the page.

Whenever the audience will visit that page, the shortcode will ask the WordPress to display the stats of the blog.