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WordPress Design and Development

About WordPress

It’s amazing the things you can do with WordPress as your website platform. WordPress is website management software that you or your business can use to easily update and add content on your own without knowing code and HTML. Its very simple to add new pages or regularly update a blog or learning center on your website, without disturbing the look and feel.

How can We help

We can help you with WordPress development with a customized theme with an intelligent design that will work for you, not just be a placeholder on the internet. The key is to make your copy of WordPress unique and functional for YOUR needs.

The Power

The power in WordPress comes from the endless FREE “plugins”, often designed by open source enthusiasts/companies from the large WordPress community and following. You can use these plugins in conjunction with each other and create near limitless functionality when you use a variety of different plugins for your needs.



$100 In Free Google Advertising!

Google AdWords will improve traffic to your site with people that are searching Google using keywords. Google AdWords allows us to manage and choose the location your ads will show as well as showing many different varieties of media in Google AdWords (text, pictures, videos).

Google is so confident, you get your first $100 in Google AdWords FREE with a new account. With our GoogleAdWords services, we can help you choose the right keywords, lower your pay per click costs and make your ads more targeted, leading to more traffic to your site, more clicks on your ads, and more leads coming to your website. Review your Google AdWords campaign monthly to add keywords and adjust ad text.  Optimize the monthly ad spend to get the most prospective visitors.

Google Ad Words Consulting

Google Seo Optimization

Google SEO optimization can get you website traffic, period.  We provide search engine optimization services to improve online lead generation from our client’s websites.  Google SEO has moved heavily towards local search results being of utmost importance and thus we adjust for that.  Properly optimizing your keywords to as closely as possible target your desired consumers is a must for lead conversion.  Our search engine optimization strategies are most likely how you found your way to this page in the first place!

With the Internet being where most people find information today and Google being the first place most people look, it’s no secret that you need your site to be among the top rankings to seriously impact your website traffic. That’s where Google SEO optimization comes in.  80% + of search traffic is Google.com as the user experience is best among search engines.  The results are fast and accurate, thus many people trust Google for their search results.

Google SEO Optimization

Websites and Internet Marketing

In today’s search engine dominated world if you don’t have a presence on the web, specifically to be search-able in Google, you are missing out. We can customize your website for your business needs and get you on the search engines so that your business has a presence on the net.  We take the time to analyze your business goals and be sure that you will get return on your investment with a highly effective and cost efficient

We create websites from scratch using WordPress, custom design, look and feel, etc.  Depending on client needs and budget we also can write content and develop SEO strategies for that content from the start…We can redesign existing websites that were made before CMS (WordPress) and migrate the content as well.

Let us take a look at your current website and internet presence.  We will look at your website and let you know what we think, for free.

What are you looking to accomplish?

What are you looking to accomplish?

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